Canada: Surfing

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Canada Surfing

Canada is known more for its snow than its surf, but that does not mean that you cannot surf in Canada. Certain areas in Canada are suitable for surfing, although they are not as extreme as many other places in the world. As mentioned previously it is probably best not to go to Canada for the sole intention of surfing, but if you are there and wish to catch some waves, then possible places for you to go include North Chesterman Beach in British Columbia, where the waves can get quite big. Surfers in this reason consider it to be best in winter, provided you can brave the cold! Similarly, the Lawrencetown and Martinique beaches in Nova Scotia are also best in Winter. In spring or autumn time, you may wish to try Nootka island, which is one of the least populated surf destinations in Canada. The waves here are great for less experienced surfers.