Canada: Scuba Diving

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Canada Scuba Diving

Canada may not provide you with the warmest waters to dive in, but that doesn't mean that you cannot go scuba-diving during your holiday. The west coast that surrounds Vancouver island is home to pods of orcas, sea lions and white-sided dolphins, that live in some of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The sheer rock walls below the surface around small islets are packed with bizarre marine life. Here you are likely to find the notoriously ugly but friendly wolf eels, giant Pacific octopuses, urchins and starfish to name but a few of the delights that await you. Air temperatures in Canada vary dramatically, with summers reaching daytime highs in the 70s and winter lows dipping to the 30s. Underwater, the temperatures warm to the 60s on the surface, but the underlying water temperature remains a steady mid-40 to 50 degrees all year-round, so dry suits are a must. Visibility is best from late summer until the end of winter.