Canada: Golf

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Should you decide to go golfing in Canada, you will be delighted to find that it has some truly amazing golf courses, made even better by the spectacular and captivating alpine settings. Kananaskis, Alberta and Whistler, and British Columbia are ski resorts in the winter which are then transformed into unique golfing escapes for the summer months. There is a selection of golf courses from each base, and driving to and from the golf course each day is sure to be enjoyable as a result of the surrounding mountains and streams and lakes, not to mention the pure fresh air and the open roads you'll be driving on. Canada golfing has added benefits, as you'll be able to take in some amazing wildlife while you're there, such as deer and black bears, which are common sights in and around the tall maple and pine forests. The golf season in Canada runs from May to September, and temperatures range from 18 to 25°C (65 to 80°F) during the day-time.