Canada: Canoeing

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Canada Canoeing

Canada has several regions where canoeing is an excellent activity, such as Northwestern Ontario. There you can enjoy a combination of both flat water & white water opportunities as well as river and sea kayaking. In fact, some of the most spectacular of all Canadian canoe routes are found in this region. As you journey down Canada's lakes and rivers you can spend hours exploring the wild backcountry regions of Ontario's Sunset Country (or wherever else you decide to go canoeing). You are likely to plenty of unusual wildlife along the way. Many canoeists take advantage of the spectacular fishing opportunities that go hand in hand with canoeing in Canada. Canoe tripping season in Canada starts as soon as the lakes are free of ice. Typically, the large lakes do not open until the end of April, but smaller lakes and rivers may open earlier than this. The two or three weeks after ice-out are a wonderful time to go on a canoe trip in Canada, as water levels are high and the park is relatively uncrowded. But be aware that the water will be very cold. However, the weather is generally good as spring is in the air, and trout fishing is at its peak at this time.