Canada: Bunji Jumping

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Canada Bunji Jumping

Bungee jumping in Canada will normally take place in areas that have structures of at least a hundred meters in height, and Canada has plenty of these: high-rise buildings, bridges, crane, cliffs and mountains are not in short supply. But if you prefer, it is sometimes even possible to use helicopters that hover in specific positions. One of the best bungee jumping sites in Canada, and probably the most famous, is The Goliath, a 200-foot jump from a cliff surrounded by solid limestone that features a very large lagoon. And a must-jump for any serious bungee aficionados holidaying in Eastern Canada is the Whistler Bungee. It is British Columbia’s highest and most pristine year round bungee jumping site, and is located 15 minutes south of the world renowned Whistler Village Resort. Whistler bungee also has a perfect safety record and its operators have over 17 years experience.