Canada: Culture and Arts

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Canada Culture and Arts

Canada is very famous for its art collections, and for people inclined towards true forms of arts than Canada’s McMichael Art Gallery is a must-see, as it contains a unique blend of ancient culture and modern art. Canada’s artistic heritage is vast, with close to 6000 art works still alive in the huge art galleries of Canada. Being a settler nation, Canada's culture has historically been influenced by Europe, British and French in particular. The city of Fredericton has been named the cultural capital of Canada for 2009, and it has a vibrant arts and culture community with year-round events and performances for the whole family. Try the Fredericton City Hall Gallery, located in Queen Street, for a sample of the amazing artwork Canada has to offer. If you are visiting Toroonto, you're sure to be impressed by the Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum. But don't forget to see the city's less visted galleries which have a charm all of their own.