Canada: City Breaks

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Canada City Breaks

According to the 2008 Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Vancouver, Toronto, Montréal and Calgary are among the world’s top 25 most liveable cities, so this is proof that Canada's cities are among the best in the world. Each city has its own distinct identity, so which one you choose to visit will depend on your personal preference. Canada's largest city is multicultural Toronto, where you will find world-class architechture, museums, shopping and a thriving theatre and music scene. Montreal is where you will find the unique combination of French chic and American attitude. Attractions in Montreal include an indoor tropical rainforest in the Biodôme. Another city that epitomises French chic is QUebec, which has the added bonus of refreshingly reasonable prices as well as so many rolling hills and gorgeous nature you'll get all the delights of the countryside combined with the perks of a city. Or why not try Canada's capital city, Ottowa, which lies on the banks of the Ottowa river and is such an architecturally stunning city that you're bound to fall in love with it.