Canada: Backpacking

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Canada Backpacking

Canada is not as set up for backpackers as many locations in Europe, however it is growing in popularity as a destination for backpackers. The Rockies in particular have a variety of landscapes to entice travellers on a backpacking expedition. Backpacking in the Canadian wilderness will allow you to hike into some of Canada's most spectacular remote and beautiful areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Some of the most popular places to visit include the CN Tower, which is the tallest free standing land structure in the world, the Rogers Centre (formally the Skydome) which has the world's first retractable roof on a sporting arena, the City Hall, and the Nathan Phillips Square which is used as a farmers market and for other public events and concerts. Canada backpackers generally stay in youth hostels when not out enjoying Canada's culture and attractions. If you backpack to Toronto you will undoubtedly enjoy the car free environment of Toronto Island. It includes an amusement park as well as a public park and it is only accessibly by ferry.