Cambodia: Introduction

Asia's Uncharted Gem

Cambodia Introduction Cambodia Introduction

The blend of culture, history and cuisine make Cambodia one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. Due to the recent history and the repressive rule of Pol Pot, Cambodia remains largely undiscovered and has untold treasures of natural beauty unspoiled by tourism. Cambodia though is fast developing a thriving tourist industry ensuring that visitors are well catered for and looked after. Along the west coast there are literally hundreds of pristine beaches and romantic bays offering some of the most stunning settings in the world and with most offering a host of water sport activities there is no shortage of things to enjoy. The rolling terrain and dramatic mountains offering the most spectacular scenery whilst lush green jungle terrain are fascinating to explore by foot, jeep or elephant. Why not take a canoeing trip along the Mekong River and camp out in the jungle under the stars, or visit one of Cambodia's breathtaking temples or ancient ruins where you can witness masterpieces of Khmer architecture. The most popular tourist destinations and therefore the most developed are the capital, Phnom Penh, the historical Angkor and the vibrant Siem Reap, though if you want to relax on exotic beaches and bask in glorious sunshine Shinoukville and Kampot offer a good mix of urban and cosmopolitan atmospheres. Influenced by the colonial French, Cambodia has a fascinating blend of sweeping boulevards and Asian buildings whereas the cuisine is also a combination of Thai, Chinese and French. Accommodation ranges from standard to luxurious though the service is good and even in the high season from December to April prices are affordable. In the rainy season however, they are very cheap. The weather is hot and humid and due to the tropical climate Cambodia has bouts of torrential rainfall. Whatever you want from a holiday, a visit to Cambodia will be an unforgettable experience.