Cairo: Introduction

Mother Of All Cities

Cairo Introduction Cairo Introduction

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and famed for its many bazaars, markets and the mysteries of an ancient civilisation. For the explorer with an inquisitive mind Cairo is one of the most fascinating places on the planet to discover, shrouded in legend and the subject of many a conspiracy theory. It is still debated how the land of the Pharaoh's mummified the deceased or built the magnificent pyramids that even by today's standards are a feat of engineering and considered an architectural masterpiece. There are still many features of the ancient world in existence today such as Old Cairo and its numerous churches and the ancient cities of Thebes or Memphis, the oldest city in the world. There are vast cultural differences that can be both fascinating and frustrating, from the Islamic mosques to the restriction in clothing, but most often and annoyingly the custom of tipping locals for the slightest hint of help. No only is there a whole world of intriguing tourist attractions to enjoy in Cairo, but it is also a great place to adventure along the Nile in a sailing boat or cast a line to land some enormous fresh water fish. If you want to relax on a golden beach worthy of a distant paradise or snorkel in the clear blue waters, a trip to the Red Sea is a matter of hours away. Shopping in the many bazaars and markets is yet another chaotic experience, but if you enjoy haggling and have a good eye for a bargain is well worth the effort. Whatever you interests or whatever your pleasures are, you will almost certainly find it in Cairo and most likely have an experience unlike any other.