Budapest: Useful Information

The Capital of Hungary

Budapest Useful Information

- The currency in Budapest in the Hungarian Forint
- Credits cards are widely accepted using “chip and pin” transactions.
- Budapest has every high street bank and up to 35 other well established banks, with offshore centres for client investments.
- Most UK mobile phone networks extend to Budapest though you should check with your service provider before you travel.
- Voltage supply in Budapest is 220v/%0Hz using the European standard twin point plugs
- Internet Access or free Wi-Fi can be found in various outlets in Budapest, such as cafes, bars, and most accommodation. You will also find internet access in the Library and is free of charge. The Airport has WiFi access.
- Illegal Drugs carry extremely severe sentences. Strict drink driving laws also apply. Penalties include hefty fines and a ban for at least a year, prison sentences are also given to offenders. Roadside breathalysers are in use.
- The national UK newspapers are available in Budapest.
- Budapest is an hour ahead of the UK GMT
- Mains water in Budapest is perfectly safe to drink and is of a very high quality.
- Budapest is a predominantly a Christian country though there is a strong Jewish contingent.
- Most bars in Budapest are open from 8am-1.00am Monday and Tuesday, but stay open until 2am from Wednesday to Sunday. Clubs and gay bars stay open until 4-5am.
- Food stores in Budapest are open from 7am-7pm Mon-Fri, but close at 2pm on at the weekend. Shops and Department stores open between 10am and 6pm Mon-Fri and 9am-1pm Saturday. They are closed on Sunday.
- Since the re-emergence of casinos have reappeared in Budapest and adopted choice locations of former historical buildings and luxury hotels