Budapest: Main Facts

The Capital of Hungary

Budapest Main Facts

Geographical Location of Budapest

Budapest lies in central Hungary which is a landlocked country in Central Europe bordering seven other countries, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The river Danube runs through Budapest entering the city from the north and is the longest river in Europe. There are just over 1.7m inhabitants living in Budapest though in the metropolitan area there are almost 2.5m people, making Budapest the second largest metropolis in Central Europe.


Languages of Budapest

The language spoken in Budapest is Magyar which belongs to the Finno-Urgic language. Tourist related services employ English speakers and many Hungarians understand German.

Currency of Budapest

The currency in Budapest is the Hungarian Forints and the exchange rate is 328 HUF to the £1. It is advised to obtain your Forints on arrival in Budapest as their banks offer a better exchange rate than in the UK. It is not advisable however, to exchange currency in hotels in Budapest as they offer exchange rates at 10% below the going rate.