Budapest: Costs

The Capital of Hungary

Budapest Costs

The cost of living in Budapest is not too dissimilar to the UK. You will get a better exchange rate from banks or currency exchange counters when you get to Budapest rather than buying Forints before travelling. Exchanging currency in hotels is not advised as they add a 10% charge on the exchange rate.

Some typical costs in Budapest are:
Guest Houses: £30 upwards for 3 star during off-peak though special offers are available
Hotels: £50 upwards for 3 star off peak
Pint of beer 80p
Loaf of bread £1.00
2 pints of milk 90p
Bottle of wine £2.00
Eating in a restaurant £14 upwards per head
Eating in a fast food restaurant £4
Taxi £2 a mile
Cinema ticket £5
Museum entry £2-£5