Budapest: Food and Drink

The Capital of Hungary

Budapest Food and Drink

Budapest is a cosmopolitan city and there is no shortage of variety or places to eat. Traditional Hungarian food is not always the most flavoursome, but you will find cuisine from all over the world to whet your appetite. Most prices around the tourist area are reasonably priced, but the quality is not always so good. It is therefore worthwhile looking for a place off the main drag or asking the locals where they would recommend eating. Food and drink is available in bars and cafes all day and is cheaper than restaurants, though many restaurants offer special lunch prices where the quality of food is better. It is not unusual for other guests to join your table whilst dining out in Budapest, particularly during peak times. Hungarians are renowned for wine drinking and there are many wine shops offering free wine tasting before you purchase. Tipping in Budapest is customary at 10% though some restaurants will include the service charge on the bill. Prices vary from one place to the next though you can expect to pay around £8-10 per head in a bar or café or anything from £12 upwards in a restaurant.