Budapest: Bus Tours

The Capital of Hungary

Budapest Bus Tours

There are a number of sight-seeing bus tour operators in Budapest all over a variety of different tours in and around the city. All of them offer city tours of with 2, 3, or 4 hours trips on which you will be accompanied by an English speaking guide narrating the history of Budapest and pointing out the points of interest. Bus tours are a good starting off point on any city break to explore your surroundings as you not only get a chance to see the most popular sights but also find interesting things out about them. They are also useful for building up a mind map of the city, centred around the major landmarks. If you are vigilante enough you may even spot somewhere you would like to go you might ordinarily have missed. Bus tours in Budapest include photo stops, refreshment breaks and lunch breaks on the longer tours. The local buses are also a good way of finding your way around Budapest and are cheap and easy to use. Depending on the length of your stay it is cheapest to buy a book of tickets or a multiple day pass rather than single tickets each time you take a trip. You must validate your ticket each time you board a bus and if you have a book of tickets, do not remove them from the book or they will not be valid.