Budapest: Cycling Activity Holiday

The Capital of Hungary

Budapest Cycling Activity Holiday

Cycling is not the easiest of safest way to see Budapest with only 170km of pathway designated for cyclists, though there are plans to improve on. The cycle paths are painted red with two yellow strips down either side of the track so are easily recognisable. Most pavements in Budapest though are shared with pedestrians making cycling difficult. Cycling on the roads of Budapest is dangerous as drivers have no regard. The best place for bicycles in Budapest is Margrit Island and the Buda Hills where there are long stretches of paths for bikes. You are not allowed to take bicycles on buses, trams, or metro, but they are tolerated on suburban trains. There are several outlets where you can hire a bike in Budapest for around £8 a day or £14 for two days. A deposit is not usually required, but you will need to show your passport.