British Columbia: Introduction

From the Capital Victoria to Largest City Vancouver

British Columbia Introduction British Columbia Introduction

British Columbia is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. British Columbia is home to some of the most picturesque cities in Canada – Victoria the capital and Vancouver, the largest city in BC. Though the province boasts two star cities equally impressive are the rural communities with rich heritages in lumber, mining, fishing and Aboriginal settlements.

Unrivalled when it comes to breathtaking natural scenery, expect diverse ecosystems such as the Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains, Fraser River, Okanagan Valley, rainforests in Vancouver, wave crashing beaches of Vancouver Island and the remote wilderness of the North. BC is home to three Unesco World Heritage Sites: Yoho, Kootenays and Gwaii Haanas National Park.

British Columbia offers something for everyone. Regardless of the time of year, BC, hosts entertainment 365 days a year such as the world-class skiing of Whistler and mountaineering in the Kootenays to mountain biking on Vancouver Island, fishing in the North, wine touring the Okanagan and strolling along the sea wall in Vancouver. British Columbia rightfully boasts local markets, enjoyable ferry rides, cultural galleries, fantastic local eateries and enough festivals to fill up an entire calendar year.

In both British Columbia's cities and rural areas you will find countless reminders of the province's first aboriginal and British settlers, such as memorable totem poles, historic Victoria, old lighthouses, and even cobblestone streets in Vancouver’s Gastown.

British Columbia is a province proud of its heritage and encourages a laid back, outdoorsy lifestyle which travellers will find in all of British Columbia's wonderful and diverse regions. In short, British Columbia is an exciting province for all visitors.