British Columbia: When to go

From the Capital Victoria to Largest City Vancouver

British Columbia When to go

When to go to Vancouver, Victoria or Whistler?

British Columbia’s peak tourist season is May-September and the winter ski season. Visiting British Columbia, however, can be done anytime of year. Autumn in is a great time to visit (mid-September to mid-November). The temperatures are still warm and temperate, the skies are sunny, and the leaves on the trees change colour. The first frost usually comes at the end of October and lasts until mid April and winter in British Columbia’s north is as you’d expect cold, particularly in January and February. Sports, however, during the winter months are very popular including ice hockey, skating and world class skiing. The southern coast of British Columbia is one of the mildest regions in Canada, with warm summers and relatively mild winters (mostly rain). Summers in the province’s interior are hot.