Brisbane: Suggested Itinerary

Sub Tropical Paradise

Day 1: Australia is at the other side of the world, so it’s quite likely that on your first day that you are going to be pretty jet-lagged. Not to worry though, you can still experience all the thrills and spills of this Australian wonderland. Take it easy and sip a few cocktails before getting ready for Day 2.

Day 2: So much of the city's charm comes from its geographical features. Like Rome, it's a city built on hills around a windy river. Start a Brisbane experience by going to the top of one of them and looking down. The best vantage point would be the lookout at Mount Coot-tha, which is accessible by bus. It's not only a great place to see the town from above, but also a bit of a lovers' lane, redolent of memories for many locals. Then head to the top of Highgate Hill - at the park on Dornoch Terrace. The important thing to get into the Brisbane vibe is to hasten slowly, so follow that up with a walk towards Boundary Street. The distinctive architecture of the city is one of its key features, and you can intersperse a look at the colonial Queenslander homes up on the ridge with a gaze at some stunning views west to the Great Dividing Range. Then immerse yourself in the street culture of West End before hopping on the bus down to South Bank. If you're still feeling energetic, walk around to Kangaroo Point at the base of the cliffs, get the little ferry across to Riverside, and hop on the CityCat. Cruise as desired!

Day 3: Start the day by brunching at Sassafras might be a lovely way to start the day with a linger and chat (two of the things Brisbane natives enjoy most). Then explore the Paddington shopping area. Combine that with a browse through the converted cinema that is now the Paddington Antique Centre. Catch the bus into town, and get off seamlessly at Roma Street Station and take your pick of a trip out to either Cleveland or Sandgate on their respective train lines. What you'll find at your chosen destination is Moreton Bay, and a chance to have a quiet drink in a historic pub overlooking the water — either the Grand View Hotel or the Full Moon Hotel, depending on which bay-side trip you've chosen. You will find yourself gazing across Moreton Bay to the islands. Both bay-side suburbs were favourite day-trip destinations in the 19th century — and with good reason. The breezes alone in summer are worth the train fare.

Day 4: Time to think about heading home, though luckily you can be safe in the knowledge that you checked out all the good bits.