Brisbane: Food Guide - Dining Out

Sub Tropical Paradise

Brisbane Food Guide - Dining Out

With marvellous local produce, scores of fantastic restaurants and a blossoming café scene, dining out is one of the finest pleasures that Brisbane has to offer. Modern Australian cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean, Asian and Californian food and is characterised by its freshness and emphasis on healthy eating - the tropical fruit of Queensland and the rich pastoral produce of the region, especially the seafood and lamb, means that Brisbane chefs work with only the best produce. Brisbane’s malls and shopping districts located in the central business district have a wealth of fast food and inexpensive cafes and bistros that stretch outwards across the city.

In terms of restaurants, you can spend a great deal in one of the city’s many five star establishments in Riverside and Eagle St Pier or still choose to eat well in the more affordable areas such as Caxton St, Brunswick St and around the South Bank Parklands. Excellent Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese restaurants can also be found dotted close to the city centre, many of which offer great cuisine with real value for money. Most of Brisbane’s restaurants are licensed to sell alcohol and the majority allow you to ‘bring your own’ - for which there is a small charge.