Brisbane: Whale Watching

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Brisbane Whale Watching

Brisbane Whale Watching invites you to come on board the magnificent 'Eye-Spy' for an encounter with the whales. Of all the great whales, the humpback is the most surface active displaying behaviour that will not only inspire you but leave you in awe. There is perhaps no better place to observe the mighty humpback than Brisbane’s Moreton Bay, recognised as one of the world’s best Whale watching areas. Some of the benefits of whale watching in Moreton Bay are guaranteed whale sightings and other marine animals like dolphins; green turtles; logger head turtles in the calm, clear and pristine waters of the bay and surrounding waters. While keeping a lookout you're given an excellent commentary which leaves you with a better understanding of these huge mammals. Alternatively, take a trip to beautiful Fraser Island, which is the largest sand island in the world and nearby Hervey Bay is where you can also listen to the high-pitched song of the whales beneath a starry sky. Overall, there are many amazing whale watching opportunities in Brisbane.