Botswana: Introduction

A Safari Paradise

Botswana Introduction Botswana Introduction

Picture yourself paddling along the Okavango Delta in Botswana watching hippos, on safari encountering lions, giraffes and baboons in their natural habitat, or gliding down a waterway, with papyrus on either side admiring a fabulous Botswanan sunset as you sip a sundowner. These memorable experiences and more await you on a holiday in Botswana.

Nature-lovers will love a holiday in Botswana. The rich wildlife of the Okavango Delta guarantees animal and bird watchers will be thrilled with a safari in Botswana. As one of the richer African nations, Botswana offers a peaceful, relatively safe visit to Africa, whether you choose to stay in luxury safari lodges, or opt for one of Botswana’s cheaper accommodation choices.

The people of Botswana are friendly and welcoming, and any visitor on holiday in Botswana will learn about Botswana’s rich culture, and want to take home a sample of Botswana craft – like the beautifully made baskets you can buy relatively cheaply in Botswana.

A visit to the Kalahari is an experience, as are the Tsodilo Hills, the highest peaks in the otherwise flat landscape of Botswana, and home to ancient cave paintings and Botswana’s myths about the creation of man. And if you make it to Kazungula in the north of Botswana, you’ll have the rare distinction of saying you could see four countries in one glance, as this is where Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia meet.