Botswana: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Botswana Food Guide - Dining Out

Nobody really visits Botswana for a culinary experience but you’ll find most cafes and restaurants offer decent, if not necessarily exciting fare such as chicken and beef. You’ll find game on offer in many places – particularly in the safari lodges, where you may get the chance to try impala or ostrich. There are chains such as Nandos in major towns, and international cuisine such as Chinese and Indian also features occasionally. Prices are low – you’ll probably eat for less than a fiver, and if you’re self catering visit markets to sample some wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re in Gabarone, the capital of Botswana, the Bull and Bush Bar and Restaurant is steak house with good food and beer. Your most memorable eating experiences in Botswana will be when you’re on safari, eating out in the bush and dining on fresh vegetables and fruit and simple, fresh, grilled meat.