Berlin: Introduction

The Capital Of Germany

Berlin Introduction Berlin Introduction

Berlin, the united Capital of Germany since 1990, is now one of Europe’s most-visited cities. As it greets an ever-rising tide of tourists, this beautiful, artistic city is a great destination for all ages and interests. Once a geographical and cultural backwater, it’s now the hub of the eastern European transport network and a creative centre, which is home to literally thousands of artists, writers and musicians. Architecture, culture and fashion reflect the attitude of life in Berlin. The unfinished, the sense of moving forward, and constant change inspire artists to innovative and diverse designs. Its buzzing nightlife, its many cafes, clubs, and bars attract numerous visitors but Berlin is best known for its history and the reunification of Germany which can be experienced at many sites. It also hosts numerous museums, palaces and other sites of international historical interest. Contrary to popular belief, Berlin is also home to many modern, upscale shopping areas filled with department stores and small boutiques that offer the latest in European trends and fashion. Berlin offers something for everybody. It’s food & drink offerings from local specialities such as the famous Currywurst and Buletten (Sausage with curry sauce and meatballs) or specialities from around the world offer something for every taste and budget.