Berlin: Food and Drink

The Capital Of Germany

Berlin Food and Drink

Eating out in Berlin is a pleasant experience with a vast selection of restaurants and eateries, which offer a diversity of cuisine at very reasonable prices. However, Mealtimes are very flexible and generally you can find somewhere to eat at any time of the day or the night. The most important meal of the day in Germany is breakfast. Typically this comprises of a wide selection of cold meats and cheeses, bread, eggs, yogurt, cereals, fruit juice, tea and coffee. Traditional Berlin cuisine tends to be rustic and hearty. Berlin meatballs and currywurst (sausage with a curry sauce) are typical examples. Eisbein (knuckle of pork) and "Berliner Weisse" (speciality beer) are also Berlin specialities. Like the rest of Germany beer is an important part of the culture with the most widely available being Berliner Pilsner. You’re more likely to find yourself sipping on a cocktail or dropping a shot or two if you head out to a bar or club.