Berlin: Culture and Arts

The Capital Of Germany

Berlin Culture and Arts

There are many reasons why people should spend a culture and arts holiday in Berlin. It boasts a very rich history, culture and art that you can experience by visiting some of the many historical buildings, monuments, art galleries and museums. Key visits are Museum Island in Mitte district (most notably the Pergamonmuseum), the factory galleries on Auguststraße or the fantastic Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design.

Berlin’s media film and music industry is prosperous and therefore has an assortment of printing houses, innovative television and film productions and movie theatres. When it comes to performing arts and theatre performances, Berlin has already gained an international reputation for having excellent performances. Aside from theatres, visitors on a culture and arts holiday to Berlin can also enjoy the capital’s opera houses or listen to Berlin’s top symphony orchestras. There are many monuments to Germany's sometimes-turbulent history, and Berlin has them in spades. The architecturally impressive Brandenburg Gate and The Berlin Wall are just a few examples. Another important facet of Berlin's political make-up is of course it’s corridors of power, which lie in the grand and very large Reichstag. Visitors will not be disappointed with their choice if they decide to spend culture and arts holidays in Berlin.