Berlin: Beach

The Capital Of Germany

Berlin Beach

Although Berlin is not technically a seaside location, it does offer more than 30 city beaches throughout the city where you can enjoy cocktails or even play volleyball. It also offers an indoor beach where you can enjoy the feeling of a beach holiday in Berlin all year round. The many lakes in Berlin are very popular with water athletes and people seeking recreation. 6.6 per cent of the city consists of areas of water. Berlin’s special quality cannot be fully appreciated without a visit to one of the large lakes, such as the Wannsee or The Müggelsee

A good way to get an impression of the most important lake in the west of Berlin is to take a drive along the Havelchaussee (closed at night) to the Grosser Wannsee lake. Sights and landscapes along this route are the Scholzplatz in Charlottenburg, the 55 meter high Grunewald Tower erected on the Karlsberg in honour of Bismarck in 1897, the river bank, woods and picturesque sand dunes.

The Wannsee district, named after the largest of the Havel lakes, is at the end of the Havelchaussee. In the 1920s Berlin built one of the largest seaside resorts in Europe on the sand beach of Wannsee. Thousands of bathers come here in the summertime.