Beijing: Introduction

The Forbidden City

Beijing Introduction Beijing Introduction

Beijing is China’s capital city with a history spanning almost 3000 years. With over 17 million inhabitants Beijing is a smog filled, chaotic and constantly evolving city.

Ancient architecture and political landmarks are to be found all over the city, from the majestic Forbidden City, the infamous Tiananmen Square, and the monumentous achievements that are the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium and the ‘Water Cube’, representing Beijing’s place as an international centre of progress. On a holiday in Beijing, there is no end of sights for the visitor to photograph, enjoy and learn about.

Beijing’s transport system is highly accessible and has undergone massive improvements in recent years, whether you’re hailing one of the 60,000 taxis in the city or just taking the bus. The Great Wall of China is near enough for a day trip with a surplus of tour companies ready to escort you. If that doesn’t appeal, hire a car and navigate the 5 ring roads and many routes out of town.

On a holiday in Beijing, each day awaits a different adventure or somewhere new to explore. Eating in Beijing is a cultural experience, with a new dish waiting for you around every street corner. Leave your western taste buds at home, and get ready to be amazed and surprised at the wealth of delicacies on offer, from top class restaurants serving the very best in Chinese cuisine, to simple but delicious street food served up to early morning commuters and hungry clubbers in the small hours.

Brush up on your haggling skills while finding bargains and antiques in the charming markets around the city, or browse the department stores for souvenirs. Spend your evening at one of many clubs and bars opening up around Beijing, or take in a show at the Peking Opera, regarded as one of the cultural treasures of China since the 19th Century.