Bangkok: Useful Information

The City of Angels

Bangkok Useful Information

-There are no problems using Mobile Phones from your own country. Remember to switch on “roaming”. IDD (International direct dialing) is Available from most hotels. You can also phone from International payphones.

-Festivals are celebrated throughout the year in Thailand so check dates for peak times on flights and accommodation.

- The Songkran festival in April is a prime time for pickpockets and general naughty behavior.

-Most hotels now have Internet access. There are also Internet cafes in most shopping areas and on many streets.

-Electricity -Voltage is 220 Volt AC with flat 2 pin plugs.

-English is fairly widely understood and spoken in most tourist areas of Bangkok. German, Swiss Italian, and increasingly Japanese and Russian are also spoken in some hotels.

-Bilingual Thai / English road signs are found on all road signs, Skytrain stations and some local buses.

-ATM machines are available at most banks and shopping centres throughout the city.

-Travelers Cheques / Credit Cards Most traveler’s cheques can be cashed at banks. Take your passport or ID. Mastercard and VISA are widely accepted by major banks, restaurants and shops.

-Banks Open Monday - Friday from 09:30 to 15:30, except public and bank holidays. Currency exchange centres operate in most tourist areas from 07:00 to 21:00, everyday, including holidays.

-VAT Refunds Value Added Tax (VAT) is payable on a range of goods and services at 7%. If you're visiting for less than 180 days in a calendar year, not an airline crew member, and leaving Thailand by plane.

-Airport departure tax (which used to cost 500 baht) is no longer payable on departure to all international destinations. It is now included in the price of tickets.

-The Tourist Police provide help for tourists in difficulties. Bilingual Tourist Police can be found at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) offices in Bangkok.

- At the cinema you must stand for the national anthem before the film is screened in respect for the Royal Thai family.

- Anger is regarded as crude and lacking in self discipline. Remain calm and smile and you will find all sorts of doors opened.

- You should dress appropriately when visiting temples. Don't go shirtless, in shorts, hot pants or short skirts. Remove your shoes when entering a Thai home or Buddhist temple.

- Buddha images large or small, ruined or not, are regarded as sacred.

- It is considered rude to point your foot at a person or object.

-Thais regard the head as the highest part of the body and do not appreciate anyone touching them there, even as a friendly gesture.

-Tip porters and hotel staff if you've been given good personal service.

-Standard time zone: UTC/GMT 7 hours

-Tourist, Working and Business Visas can be enquired about at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country (the website lists these).