Bangkok: Fishing

The City of Angels

Bangkok Fishing

Bangkok doesn’t have many fishing opportunities but if you travel a short distance away from the bustling city centre then there are numerous excellent fishing facilities. Some of the world's biggest and toughest fighting freshwater fish can be found just outside Bangkok. Bungsam Lan for example is an old tin mining quarry, which has been one of the best freshwater fishing lakes in the world for many years. More then 20 IGFA World records have been set at this lake. There are many fishing spots you surely will remember for non–stop action, with incredibly powerful fighting fish, providing you with an unforgettable fishing experience. Striped Catfish and Giant Mekong Catfish are the most common catches, but with more then 50 different species of fish in the lakes surrounding Bangkok there is a rich diversity of South East Asian as well as imported species. There are many tours and packages that involve many different lakes, catches and services so be sure to book in advance to get exactly what you want.