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The city of Bangkok has some of the most insightful and interesting sightseeing experiences to be had anywhere in the world. Among a melting pot of exotic aromas, fast paced city streets and exotic dinning, Bangkok has many amazing Buddhist temples, grand palaces, vast shopping malls and exciting markets. There are numerous bus tours and sightseeing tours of Bangkok that include all the greatest parts of this vibrant city and much more. With a huge number of tourists coming to the country each year varying in age there is something for everyone. You could enjoy a laid back tour taking in a few sights a day such as the Grand Palace at a casual pace or for the more eager visitor there are tours that take in as much as possible for one day. Various bus tours operate in the city offering a wide selection of activities and sights to enjoy. Prices vary on the itinerary, standard of bus and the services on offer. You can book tours before going to Bangkok or from one of many travel operators just make sure everything looks and feels legitimate as there have been reports in the past of bus tour scams.