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Bangkok Party Holiday - Singles Life

Bangkok is a vibrant, enigmatic city full of night life. Indeed many residents do not see the day as the night is where all the action happens and all the characters come out to play. With a huge number of bars, clubs, shows, entertainments plazas, and late night hotel parties, you are spoilt for choice. Singles party nightlife in

Bangkok is unique in that whatever sexual orientation you are there will always be an area or areas designed specifically for you. Among the lush night clubs and hotel parties full with budding actors, musicians and stylish people, there is a much seedier night life going on.

Many areas in Sukhimvit and Silom are packed with neon lit bars full with bar girls, ladyboys, strippers and prostitutes. Many of these bars are regulated and the girls are tested for STD’s but many are not so be careful. STD’s are rife in Bangkok and there has always been a problem with a huge number of sex tourists visiting the country. If you do delve into the singles party nightlife in Bangkok be aware, be clever and always protect yourself.

Single Scene for girls in Bangkok 6/10
Bangkok has earned a reputation as a sex tourist destination for men, but this is just one side because the city offers a wide range of places to go for single women. It is true to say most areas in Bangkok are geared towards men and there are quite a few of these places. With a huge backpacking scene happening in Khao San Road and the country welcoming more and more female visitor’s things are slightly changing. There are many clubs and bars not designed just for men to pick up Thai women and there are even a number of lesbian bars popping up around town. The Thai men enjoy the ‘farang’ (name given to white tourists) women as they are not used to white skin and the western look but be careful as there have been many reports of Thai men taking advantage of westerners when drunk and alone. Just like all big cities, be aware and look after yourself.

Single Scene for guys in Bangkok 10/10
The single scene for guys in Bangkok is in abundance and somewhat overwhelming. There are areas such as Nana, Soi Cowboy and Pat Pong where the streets are littered with neon lit strip clubs and go-go bars. The women here are somewhat sexually assertive and often shout across the street at a half decent looking man to get him there bar. With a huge variety of female entertainment on offer, a single guy in Bangkok will not be single for very long. There are huge ‘massage’ parlours which offer 100’s of women to choose from, go-go bars with ‘ping-pong’ and other sorts of entertainment, karaoke bars with hostesses, 100’s of strip clubs and many bars just have women working independently. On the other hand, it is not all prostitution and there are 1000’s of women who enjoy going to nightclubs and bars to meet guys who are not just interested in sex and money. Bangkok has a reputation for sex tourism but remember everyone is different and there are plenty of respectable women in Bangkok that all tourists should be aware of.