Bangkok: Hiking Activity Holiday

The City of Angels

Bangkok Hiking Activity Holiday

If you're not in any particular hurry, a good way to get around Bangkok is on foot. The city is separated by different areas. In these areas there are certain sight and scenes that are an easy walking distance from each other. Therefore it is a healthy and interesting way to see the city instead of whizzing past things in Taxis and skytrains. Rattanakosin Island is a good area for hikers because it full of temples, palaces and wonderful sights to enjoy.

A walk around Bangkok is obviously more tiring than riding the bus or train and the heat can be a real problem if you are not prepared, but you'll see a lot more, and of course, there is an awful lot to see. There are various maps that can be used to guide yourself and if you get lost or find yourself far from where you want to be, a short and cheap taxi ride will get you back on track.