Bangkok: Gay and Lesbian

The City of Angels

Bangkok Gay and Lesbian

Thailand and Bangkok, on the whole are very open about the gay community. There are various hotels, guesthouses, bars and clubs that cater, if not exclusively, to gay and lesbian clientele. The Thai people are very tolerant and welcoming of gay people and offer a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Holidays for gay and lesbians in Bangkok can be fun, naughty, refined or private, depending on what you prefer.

Bangkok has many discreet gay massage places in Bangkok, or pockets of lively bars and go-go venues. There are also very open gay venues dotted around the city. The famous Thai ladyboys add an extra dimension to the gay community in Thailand. There are various ladyboy bars, clubs and cabaret shows on offer in Bangkok. The Lesbian community is much smaller and more discreet but does exist. There are several lesbian/mixed places on Sukhumvit road that cater especially to foreigners.