Bangkok: Family Holiday

The City of Angels

Bangkok Family Holiday

Bangkok is an amazing city which is full of Asian delights. It has always been one of the world's great cities to visit and you should try to take your family to Bangkok as the sheer amount of sights will leave a lasting impression. It is a city with a past and one that is full of history and sights to enthrall young people. As well as a whole host of places to see and visit there are an abundance of activities for families.

Family holidays in Bangkok can include all sorts of adventures. You could take the kids on boat rides along the famous Chao Phraya River; try cooking classes at one of many restaurants offering courses on Thai cuisine. You can take them on small trips to the surroundings to ride on elephants or stay in the heart of city and explore the vibrant markets and go shopping in one of the super malls. There are a few concerns when travelling with children in Bangkok.

Safety is an issue for many tourists anyway but with small children it can be worse. The weather is always hot and humid, the food is usually spicy and the whole place seems to be rushing around. For a much more relaxing family trip you could head for the beach resorts about an hour from Bangkok.