Bangkok: Backpacking

The City of Angels

Bangkok Backpacking

A backpacking holiday in Bangkok is a great way to see the city and the surrounding areas. Bangkok caters for all holiday types and there is a more than welcome attitude towards backpackers. There is even a street in Bangkok built up around the idea of backpackers coming to Bangkok looking for some cheap accommodation, decent Thai and international food and a night out enjoying the local beer.

The famous street is Khao San Road, it offers a wide variety of backpacking accommodation, cheap travel tours, bus routes to other parts of the country, a few nightclubs and bars, many market stalls and street food stands. Most of the hotels in Khao San Road are suited for the backpacking holiday in Bangkok. Prices can start from as little as £2 or £3. If you want air-con, T.V, an en-suite bathroom or a swimming pool the price will become more expensive but not too expensive for a typical backpacking holiday in Bangkok.