Bali: Introduction

The Asian Island of Flowers

Bali Introduction Bali Introduction Bali Introduction

Bali is today a thriving tourist destination, frequented by many different nationalities from all over the globe. Bali has been popular with foreign holidaymakers since the 1970s, and the island combines a rich culture with azure seas, fine beaches and renowned tourist attractions. The island of Bali has a fantastic tourist infrastructure, with big resorts, international hotels and restaurants, yet also offers the chance to get away from it all in its mountainous interior and traditional villages.

The rich scenery in Bali is complemented by finely crafted temples on most hillsides for those visitors who enjoy their architecture, whilst the island also houses an important art scene thanks to the influx of foreign artists. Away from the hustle and bustle, the Indian Ocean offers spectacular marine life for those who enjoy scuba diving or a touch or snorkelling, whilst also offering surfers some of the best reefs and breaks to ride the waves.

Transportation links are good in Bali, and it is very cheap to get around the island with plenty of taxis, buses, and there are equally endless shopping opportunities thanks to the plethora of markets, and local shops with high street brand names on sale at the fraction of the normal cost. Whether it’s a weekend break, honeymoon or summer getaway, Bali will not disappoint, and is a destination that should be high up on any wish list.