Bahamas: Party Holiday - Singles Life

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Bahamas Party Holiday - Singles Life

The Bahamas is a lively party holiday destination, especially on the resorts and above all in Nassau and nearby Cable Beach. The singles scene is much more active in the winter months, when throngs of tourists come to escape the cold. Bars and nightclubs featuring American and local tropical music are quite popular, as is the local rum. Spring break tends to be especially popular with American and Canadian teenagers, so keep that in mind when planning your singles or party holiday in the Bahamas. During the off season things quiet down and the party atmosphere may only surface on weekend nights. The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, just a quick trip over the bridge from Nassau, also has a Casino and plenty of nightlife and singles activities. And of course there are the beaches of the Bahamas, which can be great for meeting other single holiday makers. Keep in mind that the Bahamas has a relatively high HIV/AIDS infection rate (3%) so it is very important to take precautions.