Bahamas: Family Holiday

29 islands against a backdrop of blue

Bahamas Family Holiday

The Bahamas are a fantastic family holiday destination with some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. Family oriented cruise holidays in the Bahamas include excursions featuring snorkeling, nature hikes, deep sea fishing and diving. Many resorts also cater to families, for example the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island (near Nassau) features a large water park and an amazing aquarium with an underwater tunnel. Kids might also enjoy Nassau’s Pirate Museum, a recreation of an old Bahamian pirate village. Other family holiday options in the Bahamas include quieter more remote islands such as the Abacos and Eleuthera, where nice family villas can be rented, or the beautiful island of Harbor Bay. All in all there are many choices for a great family holiday in the Bahamas.