Austria: Hotels

Austria Hotels

If the sound of a traditional guesthouse or chalet is not quite what you're after, there is a good selection of hotels in Austria to suit all budgets. Those of you with expensive tastes looking for 5* luxury can expect to pay 280 Euros per night for a double room, but this will generally include breakfast and often dinner as well. A 2 * hotel in a quiet resort will cost you around 65 Euros per night for a double room including breakfast. The standard of Austrian hotels is generally very good and the European star rating of 1 - 5 is a reliable guide. Be aware that prices in the ski resorts rise dramatically in the peak ski season, and this runs from December to April. Similarly, consider whether you really need to stay in the centre of Vienna or Salzburg; whilst it is great to have everything on your doorstep, the prices can be much higher. With such great transport links in and around the cities, you could choose a hotel on the outskirts and spend what you save on Sacher Torte!