Austria: Useful Information

Austria Useful Information

Time Zone:

Central European Time (CET) – 1 hour ahead of the UK

Daylight Savings Time:

Daylight Savings Time is valid from the end of March to the end of October (CET 1 hour):

2009: Sunday, 29 March to Sunday, 25 October
2010: Sunday, 28 March to Sunday, 31 October
2011: Sunday, 27 March to Sunday, 30 October

The adjustment takes place unitarily on the night of Saturday to Sunday at 01.00 am GMT, that is 02.00 am in Austria.


ATM's are widely used in Austria and are called "Bankomat". You will find outdoor venues at most branches of Austrian banks. Most UK bankcards are equipped with the necessary codes, but do check with your local bank before travelling.

Credit cards

Credit cards, although accepted in hotels, major restaurants and stores, are less used for purchases in small shops, cafes, or grocery stores. For these smaller purchases we therefore recommend you pay by cash.