Austria: Crime

Austria Crime

The crime rate in Austria is low compared to many of its European neighbours, however, like all big towns, take extra care in Vienna where muggers and pickpockets operate. Take extra caution on public transport to keep your belonging close, and try to avoid city parks at night.

Tourists have been known to be victims of fraudsters pretending to be Austrian road police. Police officers must always identify themselves when they approach you, so be extra wary of anyone in an unmarked police car, or anyone wearing a baseball cap with the words ‘Polizei’ written on it. Real police officers may be in an unmarked vehicle, however, they will display the sign ‘Stopp’ or ‘Polizei’ in their window. If in any doubt, you can identify a genuine police officer by contacting the emergency number for the police, which is 133. Remember, you always have the right to ask to speak to a police officer in uniform.