Austria: Costs

Austria Costs

A holiday in Europe seemed to get a lot more expensive recently; it wasn’t so long ago that you could convert the Euro into the British pound by just taking away 30%. However, in the current climate you may as well make a direct conversion, with 1 Euro equalling about 1 pound. Despite the doom and gloom, Austria is considered one of the cheaper destinations, with its capital Vienna being less expensive than Rome, Paris and London. Here is a snapshot of the kind of prices you can expect when you’re on holiday in Austria:

B&B: €25-30 per night including breakfast
Mid-range hotel: €60 per night including breakfast
Lunch: €5 to €10, Gasthof or café
Evening meal: €20 pp (including local brew or wine)
All day city transport pass: €4.50
Museum entry: €5 to €8 (though some of the more expensive ones can cost up to €15)