Austria: Nightlife

Austria Nightlife

Austria might not be first choice for a clubbing weekend or a stag do, but it nevertheless offers a good variety of evening entertainment that will satisfy those of you after a little culture. The classical music scene is highly important in both Vienna and Salzburg, and you won’t have to look very far for a superb concert or opera.

If you’re looking more something a little less formal, you’ll find a good selection of bars in the cities – from jazz to Irish. The restaurants and taverns in the bigger towns also get busy, with huge outdoor ‘Schanigarten’ pubs which will offer you some delightful locally brewed beer. If you are after locally produced wine, there are a number of wine taverns which will give you a taste of authentic Austria while you listen to some traditional folk music.

Outside the cities, you’ll find the nightlife in the lake and mountain resorts varied. There are discos and bars to suit different tastes and you’ll find Austrian hospitality very warm and friendly.