Austria: Mountain Climbing

Austria Mountain Climbing

There are some fantastic trips high up into the Alps which give you some breathtaking views of the Austrian landscape. The Stubai Alps, just south of Innsbruck, are particularly excellent for hut treks and peak ascents in the Austrian Alps and reach an altitude of 3500 meters (12000ft). These are a good choice for most mountain climbers, as they are moderately glaciated and do not demand a great deal of technical know-how. If you are after something more challenging, there are trips available for the more expert climbers amongst you. The time to go is between July and mid-September as the weather is more predictable during these months. Temperatures in the day can vary between 30C (86F) in the valleys to -10C (14F) on clear mornings. Safety when mountain climbing in Austria is of paramount importance, so make sure the package you buy gets you the following: qualified guide, specialist equipment and information on climbing safety and mountain hazards.