Austria: Wine Tasting Holiday

Austrian wine is getting increasing attention from wine-buffs and finds itself on wine lists all over Austria and the rest of the world. The Grüner Veltliner is the most widely planted grape in Austria, and is famous for complementing a wide range of cuisine. Vienna offers some great wine tasting tours, including particular favourite, the "tour of tastes", which gives visitors a taste of wines from Austria’s different regions including the Burgenland, the Danube River Valley and the Kamp River Valley. You can also try wine from Vienna itself which is famous for being the only capital city in Europe that has vineyards within the city walls. If you are interested in doing a full Austrian wine tour, there is a special 4-night journey around the country that has become popular. Tour from Vienna to the heart of the wine country, Krems, and then take a boat down the Danube. You will also visit the Wine Experience Centre which is full of exhibitions on Austria’s regional wines. The package is expensive, at over 900 Euros per person, however it includes luxury hotel accommodation (including breakfast), private transfers, guided tours, entrance to a number of exhibitions, 3 evening meals and the wine tasting experiences.