Austria: Well-being and Spa

Austria Well-being and Spa

Austria is the natural choice for anyone wanting to get away and relax with some fantastic Alpine spa treatments. There are some splendid luxury spa resorts located deep in the heart of the magnificent Austrian countryside that will have you revitalised and glowing with health by the end of your stay. You will find Austrian hospitality of the highest standard, with a very welcoming and traditional atmosphere. With a terrain rich with minerals and pure mountain springs, it is not surprising that treatments here centre around alpine-infused recipes and superb mountain activities. Whichever treatments you choose, you can be sure to come away from a spa break in Austria feeling de-stressed and very pampered.

Many spa hotels in Austria offer great packages so that, no matter your budget, you can take advantage of a good range of facilities and treatments.

If you prefer a break in one of Austria’s beautiful cities, both Salzburg and Vienna offer a selection of spa hotels with top treatments. Salzburg in particular provides perfect surroundings for that pampering break; with many beautiful gardens for you to wander around, you will come back feeling cultured and centred.