Austria: Touring - Driving holiday

Austria Touring - Driving holiday

Rated as one of our top ten tour driving destinations, Austria is perfect for a driving holiday - although we cannot say it can properly experienced from the back seat of a car! Savouring the view, taking your time, and going where you want to go, are three top reasons to see Austria by car. Drive up into the mountains, glide through pretty Austrian villages, descend to the lakes and forests on the lowlands. Whatever you want to see, you are the master of your holiday, and taking a car journey through Austria couldn’t be easier. With clear and well-maintained roads, you can drive at your own pace and soak in the sights. Just remember that in Austria you drive on the right, seatbelts are compulsory, children under 12 must not ride in the front seats, and speed limits are taken very seriously, with on-the-spot fines for drivers who do not comply. Expect to drive at around 50km/h through towns, 100km/hour on the open roads, and 130km/hour on the motorways.