Austria: Cycling Activity Holiday

Austria Cycling Activity Holiday

Increasingly popular amongst Austrians, mountain biking is now a top sport in the country. With a mountain path to suit every ability, there is no better way to see so much of the beautiful countryside than on a cycling holiday in Austria. The variety of routes is enormous; perhaps you are after a peaceful ride by the winding blue Danube, or maybe the deep green enchanting forestland is more appealing, or maybe you are an adventurist, keen to explore what’s round the next secluded mountain bend. Popular biking trails include the ‘Danube Bicycle Path’, the ‘Salzburg Lakes Bike Tour’ and the ‘Tauern Bike Path’.

Just remember a few safety tips when mountain biking – wear your helmet, even if it’s hot and sweaty! Wear sensible clothing that isn’t loose and won’t get stuck in any spokes, plan your route in advance – getting lost on an Austrian mountain can ruin your holiday! A basic first aid kit with suntan lotion, antiseptic wash and some plasters can come in very useful.

If you want a worry-free biking holiday in Austria we recommend you take a tour package; a week’s biking, tailored to your sightseeing interests, will cost you around 550 Euros, and this includes accommodation, luggage transfers and the bike rental.