Austria: Culture and Arts

Austria Culture and Arts

Austria scores full marks if you are a culture vulture. Salzburg should be the first port of call for anyone interested in touring a wide variety of art galleries and seeing a number of rare art collections. Housing art from all over the world from the ancient to the contemporary, there is something in Salzburg for art lovers of all different tastes. Music is a highly important part of Austrian culture, with Salzburg being the jewel in the Austrian crown as the hometown of Mozart. Vienna offers a great deal of culture as well; the Museum of Fine Arts exhibits the treasure chambers of Archduke Ferdinand and the baroque collections of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm. You will also find museums housing Roman, Ancient Greek and Egyptian artefacts, as well as art from all over the world. If you fancy a trip outside the cities to find history and culture amongst Austria’s countryside, there are some fantastic tourist attractions, such as Burg Forchtenstein; a stunning Austrian fortress with over 20,000 exhibits from the Turkish wars. It is surprising that Austria is not as famous as some of its European neighbours for its culture; it is a country rich in musical and architectural history, with some vast and fascinating art collections.